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Home » Operatory Chair Parts » Model DC 1320 (Marus) Asepsis Style Electromechanical
Part #: 10B783
Manufacturer: Marus
Upholstery; Seat Marus DC 1320 & 1480V Chair
Usually ships in 4-6 days

Part Price: $716.80
Part #: 10C094R
Footswitch Assembly Reconditioned; Select Marus® and Pelton & Crane® Chairs
In stock
Core Credit -$100.00 - applies to US shipment only.
Part Price: $663.04
Part #: 10C099R
Manufacturer: Marus
Back Motor Marus; Reconditioned
Usually ships in 4-6 days

 Core Credit:  $300.00

***Customers MUST send in a rebuildable core prior to shipment of recondioned motor.  Orders will be held until core is received.***
Part Price: $877.07
Part #: 10C101
Manufacturer: Marus
Capacitor Base Motor - Marus® DC 1320
Usually ships in 4-6 days

Part Price: $123.20
Part #: 10C114
Manufacturer: Marus
Scuff Cover Velcro; Marus DC 1320 & DC 1540
In stock

Part Price: $21.42

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