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Chairman - Pelton & Crane®
Model CM, Wood Back with Traverse
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Coachman I & II - Pelton & Crane®
Model CH & CH2 (Chair is either all brown or black base/white back and has hand controls on either or both sides of back)
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Chairman 5000 & 5010
Model LS (Chair has metal back with dual footswitches. DOES NOT have traverse)
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Chairman 5090
Model LS (Chair has Metal back with dual footswitches and has Traverse)
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Spirit 1501 Chair - Pelton & Crane®
Model SP1501 (Wide back with no slings; Asepsis Upholstery)
Spirit 1502 Chair - Pelton & Crane®
Model SP1502 (Narrow Back with Slings; Asepsis Upholstery)
Spirit 1503 Chair - Pelton & Crane®
Model SP1503 (Narrow Back w/ Slings; Plush Upholstery)
Spirit 1801 Chair - Pelton & Crane®
Model SP1801 (Wide back, w/ no slings)

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